Walking on Water

The Beloved

Tired of the waiting

The longing of her heart,

The promise of His call

The knowing of her future

Although she cannot see how

She knows He will take her there

Time arrives like the dawn

The hope of what will be

The beginning – The Journey

Unfolding before her eyes

In the wind he calls to her

His beloved, His bride to be

'Come away with me’

Stepping into the unknown

On a path undiscovered

She cannot see the way

But with her heart she knows where she is going

As passion leads her to his call

Her soul cries back to her Creator

And her faith leads her on

Into the mist, she loses everything

As she leaves it all behind

The truth speaks to her from within

As she follows the still small voice inside

Feeling pain of loss, but never looking back

She makes her way closer to Him

Desire grows as she follows His call

The cry of her own heart leading her on

Deeper into unknown places

His light guides her way

Her faith growing, even as the forest thickens

All seems lost, yet she knows the way

Come away with me my love

His voice leading her further still

Through the way of open doors

Where she is consumed by His arms of love,

Discovering who she truly is…

The Beloved.

Sarah Camille Soltani Icely

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Arise my darling, My beautiful one,

Come away with me.

Song of Songs 2:10