Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Born into this life in spring

The seed was all it ever needed to be.

But the seasons changed,

the winds turning against its face-

As the seed was suddenly falling

Stripped from its familiar place

Falling into the unknown below

landing hard upon the floor

The seed lay cracked and exposed

As the seasons change once more

Dark clouds bring heavy storms

As the seed suffers through times of woe

And Buried alive in the cold, wet ground-

It finally breaks – letting go.

But the pain of breaking brings a new thing forth

As maybe, it was destined to break all along

And in the midst of this dark, broken place

Hope stirs into a song

Now believing all the forces that have come against it

Have been used to bring it right where it lay-

And in this blind, fractured state of being,

It finds faith in this new day

Although it can see nothing,

Light calls from up above

Stirring the song of hope within

As faith grows into roots of love

Knowing it will never be a seed again

This new thing rises; growing for the unseen light

Finding strength from its own blind faith

It presses on in all its might

And just when things seemed darkest

It breaks through the ground in its new form

Resting in the light shining down upon it-

A desire fulfilled- the tree of life has been born

Now every wind that blows, and every storm that follows

The tree remembers the journey it has faced

Rooting deeper into the place where death became love

It can never be stripped from this place

The tree grows higher from every season faced

It’s transformation cannot be undone

And in the beauty of spring again

The Tree of Life blossoms in the Light of the Son.

Sarah Camille Soltani Icely

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