Written on our hearts

Seen in our dreams.

Just as the caterpillar dreams of flying,

Reaching far more places than its legs could ever go...

It doesn't stop living,

And doesn't stop dreaming.

Knowing one day,

As impossible as it looks in its current situation-

It will fly.


Holding onto Hope.

Knowing there is more than what is seen

The winds change,

As the caterpillar enters an unknown season

Bringing darkness and fog-

Wondering if this is its end...


Not giving up.

In this season of so much unknown,

Light begins to break through.

As the caterpillar emerges,

out of the darkness and into the light,

It finds everything it knew itself to be-

as transformation has brought its dream to life.


The old is gone, and new has come

Now the dream of what once was inside

Lay visible for the world to see

It spreads its wings,

Takes a leap of faith,

Taking its beauty to the sky-

It flies.

Sarah Camille Soltani Icely

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