Seed of Life

Seed of Life

She breathes in the night

Standing in its darkness.

Unsure of how she feels

She lifts her gaze, but finds no moon this night-

No reflection of light to show her the way.

So she waits under the blanket of stars,

Shining brightly as distant hopes and dreams,

Longing to be fulfilled.

In the stillness of this night

A war is raging inside her mind.

The storm of her voice rises inside-

unable to find the words she needs,

she breathes,

And with nothing to illuminate the space around her,

she finds in the darkness of the new moon,

the stars grow brighter tonight

She rests in the uncertainty

using the dark to help her sleep,

but awakens to the pain of death-

unfruitful life ending in peace.

Another cycle ends, making way for new life once again;

The seed of hope entrusted in her hands.

In the eye of the storm, all is still

as she hears the whisper within-

‘Rise my child, your time has come;

Daughter of the Great I Am'

Living from the earth,

and the love that dwells in His hands-

The very place in which she stands

Now guarding the seed of hope

To plant, to grow, to protect-

While finding her voice,

with the breath of life in her lungs,

she whispers softly-


At those words dawn arrives

A whole new day begins

As clarity unfolds around her tired eyes

she knows all will be okay...

The new moon has passed

And death has come,

bringing the chance to be alive again.

Sarah Camille Soltani Icely

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