Christ in Me

My peace in the storm

As I close my eyes to the surrounding waves

I find him here with me


But the waves continue to crash

It’s a battle just to hold on

Claiming my peace

Knowing who I am

And the great I Am who is with me still.

With his gift of peace-

The very thing I fight to obtain.

As the waves continue to rise

The swell bringing such force

That finally something within me breaks...

And my spirit cries- Enough.

I awaken.

In the middle of the storm

Knowing I obtain so much more than just peace

I stand-

For in me is the one the wind obeys

And the harder the waves crash around me

The stronger I will rise.

Just like Christ before me-

Who now lives in me...

I will rise.

Sarah Camille Soltani Icely

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