The labor pains come

Bringing Pressure with the Joy

The waters roar around her

Yet she rest in the peace of love

Hidden in the Tree of Life

Feeding on the Fruit of the Spirit

She rests in her breath,

connected to her Creator

As the labor pain continues within

She holds fast through the pressure

griping the truth she knows within-

The joy of what's to come

Trusting through every wave of pain

It will be worth it in the end

With every contraction she cries

fighting her own fear with faith

never loosing her joy –

never letting go of hope

Remaining hidden and safe

Abiding in her nest

She sees the storm surround her

Bringing fear with the might of it's waves

She doesn't give in – but she feels the pressure increasing

Both around her, and within

One last contraction leaves her screaming

And as she screams, the Lion roars

The storm ceases –

and all is silenced

Her time has finally come

Behold- something new has come

Entrusted into her hands

She breathes; resting in the unity of her beloved

Her Creator; Her maker...

Her lion and her lamb.

Sarah Camille Soltani Icely

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