Kingdom Come

Breaking Free

Standing in the palace of the beloved
My eyes steady on the horizon of fate
To see your glory appear before me
In faith, I watch... I wait.

Surrendering myself upon the towers edge
Another part of my heart is yours to take
To comfort and grow like that of a seed
Bringing forth beauty from every break.

Hearing the soft the echo of your call once more
Your love pulls me from the tower wall
Beckoning me to the highest edge
Where I face my greatest fear, and fall

Yet in the fall my wings appear
As your winds lift me up, turning a new page
Taking me higher as I watch the walls crumble
Of a palace, which was only ever a cage.

Let the walls come down; break them if you must
Revealing every wound to be kissed
The creator is calling to all his children-
To discover Heaven, here in our midst.

Kingdom Come.

16 x 20 inches - Acrylic on Canvas

Original has Sold

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