River of Life

Into the River

The river has been opened

The waters tumble upon

the Desert of the soul

Some flee,

Afraid of its mighty roar

While other's run straight for

its cresting waves

Meeting their maker at its shore

Those that are bold,

Still tremble in fear

Yet they overcome

Choosing to be brave

Hearing the roar,

and seeing the powerful waters

The River of Life

Unleashed from it's gates

Suddenly, hit with the force of love

The waves crash down upon them

They tumble in its current of grace

Drowning in the river of life

Reborn to Eden once again

As life begins to hope once more

The tree's take root along

the waters edge

They grow, flourishing in its

everlasting life

Hoping. Dreaming. Believing. Seeing.

Now bearing the Fruit of

Never ending Love.

Sarah Camille Soltani Icely

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