Enter In

The Narrow Gate

Before there was, all was white

Light, spoken into being.

A symphony of creation existing in One.

A place where believing was seeing.

Until Darkness fell-

Replacing love with shame, and unity with separation

Sex. Religion. War. and Race-

Gods children divided among every nation

But the Light returned to show us the way

Revealing the narrow gate

A path of love in its purest form

Leading us back to the sacred place

A sacrifice for redemption- Light was broken

Resurrecting itself in the heart of God’s children

And in these fragmented vessels, the narrow gate opened

For all of humanity to enter in

And out of our darkness the light shines forth

revealing brokenness in His reflection

Shattered light transformed into an array of colors

Each unique hue born from this connection

The veil is slowly lifting

On this full circle journey of darkness and light

As we walk the path of the sacred one

Where all will once again be white.

Original painting: $280

24" x 24" on stretched canvas.

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Signed prints available in various sizes.

Painting and signed prints come with a copy of the poem 'The Narrow Gate'.

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