The Daughter

She awakens

Covered in the ash of lies burned through the fire

Beaten down but not destroyed

Broken but not beyond repair

Her heart cries

Who am I?


Lost in deep reflection

Who she is, she does not know

But the burn from the fire lingers

As thoughts of fear attack her mind

Using painful memories of past mistakes

To keep her caged in shame

She rises

Choosing to believe again

When all is lost and left unknown

Her cry screams from within...

There must be more

In that moment

An echo heard upon the wind

There is more-

So much more

This, my darling, is not the end

She turns

Facing the unknown

Unlocking the cage to a whole new beginning

Ready to find herself again,

She embraces the discovery set before her.

Sarah Camille Soltani Icely

Original Watercolor Painting - $75

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