Kisses of Eden

Poetry, Paintings, and Spirituality

Kisses of Eden is more than an illustrated book of poems; it is my story told through paintings and poetry, written and created as I journeyed through life, discovering my own truth in spirituality. This book is one of storms, trials, and a lot of faith- built over several years as I grew in my connection to God that I found through Christ, and within myself.

This is the second edition, hardback version of Kisses of Eden, and tells what I feel to be a full-circle journey that I have been on with the spirit. Just like a circle, this journey is a never-ending one that continually unfolds before us, like that of a spiral- always taking us both higher and deeper in grace and love.

This book reveals the deepest parts of my heart, and the inspiration behind each painting that I've created over the past decade, starting before my relationship with Christ began. My greatest hope for this book is to bring you encouragment, hope, and most of all- Love.

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Click Here to Order a Signed Copy

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