Blooming Magnolia

To Bloom

Dear body-
I just want to love you.
No more rules and regulations to judge you
Finding beauty through the pain
Of uprooting deep generational lies of shame
To embrace the intimacy I hold in myself today
My body- made to love and be loved
Free to eat, to change, to grow
To blossom in the freedom you have longed to know
I release you, giving you total control
To teach me- spirit, mind and soul
Guide me in the life you need
To be all of who you were created to be
Undefined by any scale, measurement, or wrinkle line
Now embraced in love to heal and redefine
This hidden universe of beauty and mystery
it’s time to rewrite history
In the name of love, creator of heaven and earth
My body; I choose to see you for all that you’re worth
Finding strength in the softness,
Purity in sexuality
No longer blinded by a false reality
I now see perfection for all that she is
All that she ever was, and all she will be ...
My body- a sacred temple...
with my love,I set you free.

A bud never rushes to become a flower, but slowly with lots of patience, it blooms.

-Sarah Camille Soltani Icely

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