Beauty from Ashes

Beauty From Ashes

In the Garden of Love and Light

Where intimacy and vulnerability is found

We dwell in Unity with our True love

Our Creator – Our Maker

The One who makes us Whole

In that wholeness we find ourselves

Understanding who we truly are

A beautiful masterpiece from the very

hands of God

One of a Kind

Not made to be like anyone else

Naked and Unashamed

Being Free and Being Loved

We go deeper in the discovery of

who we are

Finding our way back to Eden

And dancing in the light of sweet Grace

Shining brighter in all that you are

Finding healing in the arms of Love

As your righteousness goes out before you

Lighting your path

The glory of your maker covers you

Protecting you in every way

We are the Children of God

Entrusted with these beautiful gifts

of our bodies

Temples made to worship and love

Finding Our Creator in every facet

of our being

Our Lover, our Father

Our Mother, our Friend

Sarah Camille Soltani Icely

The original painting of Beauty from Ashes has sold, but signed prints and canvas prints are available.

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