About Me

My name is Sarah Camille Soltani Icely - but you can call me Camille. I was born in Summerville, SC, and have been an artist since I could hold a crayon in my hand.

I have always been very sensitive to the Spirit, knowing God and Jesus at a young age. I have gone through a lot of trauma as a child, which I suppressed until it started to resurface as an adult, and in 2010 I found myself going through a rough divorce at age 21. This was a point of rock bottom for me, and also was when my art became something so much more than the form and technique that I had learned in my years in art school.

It was this time I surrendered everything I had to God, knowing and believing in the one thing that has always been secure in me- my relationship to Him. I began painting with my hands and fingers, finding a new freedom in this creative expression. I often did not know what I was painting, but just allowed myself to hear from the Spirit as I moved colors across the canvas. Eventually these feelings and colors came together to form a prophetic picture of the communication between my spirit and His.

The poem or verse that accompanies each painting is written either for the artwork specifically, or I find it naturally went with an art piece created in the same season that a poem was written.

I currently have sold paintings and prints all across America, Europe, and some places in Australia. A dream of mine is to one day have a piece of my art on every continent. After spending several years living abroad in England, I have recently returned to my hometown in America and live with my wonderful husband and other half, Shanen Soltani Icely. I am a full-time artist, and part of me being an artist is my work in photography which you can find out more about at SarahCamillePhotography.com.

My biggest hope in life is for the Spirit to personally speak to the heart of each person who owns one of my paintings, prints, or books; to bring them encouragement and hope where needed, and to remind them in everyday: You are known, and you are loved.